Godfather Movie Download In Tamilrockers

This mob drama, which is regarded as one of the best movies of all time and was adapted from the same-titled Mario Puzo novel, centres on the ruthless Italian-American crime family of Don Vito Corleone.

When Michael (Al Pacino), the youngest son of the don, reluctantly joins the Mafia, he is drawn into the unavoidable cycle of murder and betrayal.

Godfather Movie Download In Tamilrockers

Director Mohan Raja
Cinematography Gordon Willis
Music Speak Softly, Love
Producer Albert S. Ruddy
Size 400 Mb

Michael tries to keep up a normal relationship with his wife Kay (Diane Keaton), but he keeps getting sucked further and further into the family business.

The entire story of “The Godfather” takes place in a small space. Because of this, we identify with characters who are fundamentally bad.

A masterful conjuring trick, the story by Mario Puzo and Francis Ford Coppola invites us to view the Mafia solely on its own terms.

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The figure of Don Vito Corleone, played by Marlon Brando, gains sympathy and even admiration; during the entire movie, this lifetime professional criminal does nothing that we can really find objectionable.

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We don’t see a single real civilian victim of organised crime in the film. There are no women forced into prostitution. No lives have been ruined by gambling.

Godfather Movie Download In Tamilrockers

No victims of protection networks, fraud, or theft. The only policeman who has a significant speaking part is dishonest.

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The only model that “The Godfatherscreenplay “‘s adheres to is the traditional structure of power shifting between generations.

The events later in the movie are discreetly set up in the writing. Observe how Johnny Fontane’s dying wish is granted in the Hollywood scenes; his tears serve to build up the startling scene in which a businessman awakens in bed with what’s left of his racehorse.

Keep in mind that the undertaker is told, “Someday, and that day may never come, I will seek a favour of you…” and that, when that time arrives, the favour is not one of violence (as in a typical movie), but rather Don Vito’s desire to spare his wife the sight of their son’s mangled body.

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After killing the dishonest cop, Michael flees to Sicily, where he meets and marries Appolonia (Simonetta Stefanelli). The fact that they do not share a language is a minor disadvantage for a Mafia wife.

Appolonia and Kay are both clearly loved by him, but what is he thinking when he says that he cannot marry Kay because he has chosen a Mafia life?

He searches for Kay when Appolonia passes away and after coming back to America, and they eventually get married. Did he mention Appolonia to her? Such information has no bearing on the plot.

Godfather Movie Download

Being loyal to the family is crucial. Although the movie makes much of believing a man’s word, loyalty far outweighs honesty. Even Tom Hagen is not trusted by Michael (Robert Duvall).

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