Oye Makhna Movie Download Tamilrockers

Oye Makhna Movie Download Tamilrockers: Simerjit Singh and Virk have collaborated on six films together, including Angrez (2015), Nikka Zaildar (2016), Nikka Zaildar 2 (2017), Nikka Zaildar 3 (2019), and Muklawa.

Oye Makhna is their sixth collaboration (2019). The movie, which represents yet another partnership, is made by Yoodlee Films, the film division of Saregama India, which said last year that it will enter the Punjabi film market after making inroads into the Marathi and Tamil film industries.

Oye Makhna Movie Download Tamilrockers

Director Simerjit Singh
Cinematography Rakesh Dhawan
Music Ammy Virk, Tania
Producer Vikram Mehra
Size 400 Mb

The romantic comedy centres on Makhna’s quest to find the girl he falls head over heels for at a traffic light. He is determined to find her despite having only seen her eyes. He misidentifies her because he believes.

The uncle-nephew combination schemes to break the engagement by any means necessary in order to make room for Makhna to pursue her.

This results in humorous circumstances when the two make a U-turn in front of their perplexed neighbour (Hardeep Gill) and find themselves making up tales to get what they want.

Oye Makhna Movie Download Filmyzilla

Oye Makhna Movie Download Tamilrockers

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Makhna eventually realises (a little too late) that Rimple (Tania), the girl of his dreams, is not the neighbor’s daughter. Relationships and emotions become entwined as the problem becomes more complicated, and people suffer harm. The relationship between the uncle and nephew is also strained as a result.

The “chacha-bhatija jodi” relationship, which dominates the first half of the movie, is principally established. The two drink copious amounts of wine together as the uncle swears he will do whatever it takes to make sure his nephew is happy.

When they go off to face criticism for their actions, there is a lot of intoxicated philosophical discussion and a desperate need for liquid courage. Despite being initially amusing, this is done with a heavy hand and eventually gets a little boring.

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The movie drags along as it drags out scenes and meanders pointlessly before tying up all the loose ends in a rather predictable ending.

In an attempt to cram too much information into a short space of time, author Rakesh Dhawan also incorporates a social message that informs us of the condition of orchestra dancers who fight to make ends meet.

This is done in a pretty superficial manner, and it makes one wonder if the primary factor in its inclusion was the fact that other Punjabi-language movies have recently explored this subject.

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Ammy Virk and Tania give competent performances, but Guggu Gill steals the show with his unforced charisma. It is gratifying to see him excel in a humorous movie because he is frequently portrayed as a stern, difficult character.

He excels at the comic timing. Sukhwinder Chahal and Hardeep Gill, who play supporting roles, add to the general laughter that results.

Oye Makhna is a charming movie overall with a good heart. The characters do not want to offend anyone’s feelings, least of all those of their family members, despite all the misunderstandings and deceptive plotting.

Oye Makhna Movie Download

Family always comes first, as Tania states emphatically, leading the lovers to choose the high road and put their relationship aside for the good of society. However, everything works out in the end, especially in a comedy of errors.

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